How to Unlock Pets Across the Obelisk

Pets are great companions and are a popular addition to many virtual worlds. In the game of Obelisk, players have the option of unlocking different pets to use throughout their journey. But what is the best way to unlock these adorable creatures?

Step 1: Play the Main Game

The main way to unlock pets in Obelisk is to simply play the game. As players progress, they will eventually reach certain levels or milestones which trigger the option to select a pet. Different types of pets can also be unlocked depending on the level that you reach. For example, getting to the level 5 unlocking a small dog, or reaching level 15 and unlocking a medium fox.

Step 2: Collect the Tokens

In addition to playing the main game, players can also unlock pets by using tokens. Tokens can be collected from various activities or by purchasing them from the in-game store. Once you have collected enough tokens, you can use them to unlock pets in the game. The amount of tokens needed for each pet varies according to the size and rarity of the creature you are trying to unlock.

Step 3: Open the Pet Chest

Once you have collected enough tokens, you can open up the pet chest in the game and select the pets you would like to unlock. The pet chest is located in the game’s main menu and can be opened by pressing the “open chest” button. After selecting the pet, the creature will appear in your inventory and you can use it in the game.

Step 4: Explore the Obelisk

Unlocking pets in Obelisk goes beyond just collecting tokens. As you explore different parts of the game world, you may randomly encounter exotic or rare creatures. These wild beasts can be tamed and used as loyal companions to help you during your journey. You may also find rare items and resources which can help you during your travels.

Step 5: Complete Challenges

Lastly, you can use the Obelisk in-game challenge system to unlock a variety of pets. By completing the various challenges, you will receive rewards which include rare creatures and items. Since the Obelisk challenges are quite difficult, it may be a good idea to team up with other players in order to complete them more easily.


By following these five steps, you can unlock various types of pets in the game of Obelisk. Not only will you have a loyal companion to accompany you on your journey, but you will also receive rewards such as rare items and resources. So go forth and explore the Obelisk and start unlocking your perfect companion today!

How do I get the Obelisk Pets Achievement?

You can receive the Obelisk Pets Achievement by completing the following five tasks:

1) Complete the Obelisk Dungeon.

2) Complete the Obelisk Maze.

3) Collect all Obelisk pets in the Obelisk.

4) Collect each type of Obelisk pet.

5) Finish a combination of pet tasks.

What rewards do I get for the Obelisk Pets Achievement?

The Obelisk Pets achievements rewards you with a unique pet, the Obelisk Pet. The Obelisk Pet is a special, limited-time pet that can only be unlocked by completing the achievement. It is an Epic-rarity pet that is able to be fed and leveled up just like any other pet. It also has a unique ability: it can revive your heroes in dungeons, allowing you to save time and continue your adventures.

What are the Obelisk Pets rewards?

Obelisk Pets are rewards obtained by gaining levels in Obelisk and RuneScape. They can be obtained as random rewards, from completing tasks or from the duel tournament minigame. Obelisk Pets provide bonuses to stats, along with the standard buffs from Obelisk rewards. The pets provide a 10% boost to the stat their pet will buff, in addition to the boost already granted by Obelisk. Currently available Obelisk Pets are: Familiar of the Dust Storm, Familiar of Tempering, Familiar of the Maelstrom, Familiar of Woodcutting, Familiar of Peacekeeping, and Familiar of Agility.

What is the maximum level for Obelisk Pets rewards?

The maximum level for Obelisk Pet rewards is level 25. Obelisk Pet rewards become stronger as the pet levels up. As the pet levels up, it grants additional buffs to stats, such as defense, health, and other stats. As the pet levels up, it also has the chance to learn powerful abilities that can be used in combat. The maximum level of 25 is reached at level 25, at which point the pet will be at its strongest and have the best abilities.

What rewards can I obtain from Obelisk Pets?

Reward options from Obelisk Pets vary and may include physical items, virtual items, digital currency, tickets to events, or discounts on services. Specific rewards may vary by pet type. Additionally, special rewards may be obtained from completing tasks or from the duel tournament minigame.

What are the different tiers of rewards offered by Obelisk Pets?

The rewards tiers offered by Obelisk Pets are as follows:

– Bronze: Monthly giveaways, special offers, and discounts for Obelisk Pets products

– Silver: Exclusive access to new and limited edition products, gifts, and other prizes

– Gold: Complimentary shipments of full-size Obelisk Pets products and access to VIP events

– Platinum: Special invitations to unique events and experiences, along with guaranteed access to limited edition products And rewards .

What are the benefits of the various tiers of rewards offered by Obelisk Pets?

1. Basic tier – Customers receive a 15% discount on all Obelisk Pets products and access to exclusive members-only sales.

2. Silver tier – Customers receive a 25% discount on all Obelisk Pets products, access to exclusive members-only sales, free shipping on orders over $50, and a free gift on their birthday.

3. Gold tier – Customers receive a 35% discount on all Obelisk Pets products, access to exclusive members-only sales, free shipping on orders over $50, a free personalized pet ID tag and a free gift on their birthday.

4. Platinum tier – Customers receive a 45% discount on all Obelisk Pets products, access to exclusive members-only sales, free shipping on orders over $50, a free personalized pet ID tag, and a personalized birthday card. In addition, customers in this tier also receive complimentary product upgrades, priority customer service, and access to additional members-only discounts and promotions.

What are the different rewards associated with each tier of Obelisk Pets rewards?

Bronze Tier Rewards:

– 10 Pet Points

– Commerce Charm

– Bronze Pet Chest

– Bronze Emblem

Silver Tier Rewards:

– 20 Pet Points

– Silver Pet Chest

– Silver Emblem

– Silver Pet Coin

Gold Tier Rewards:

– 30 Pet Points

– Gold Pet Chest

– Gold Emblem

– Gold Pet Coin

– Legendary Pet Coin

– Special Gift (Randomly Selected From Shop)

Platinum Tier Rewards:

– 40 Pet Points

– Platinum Pet Chest

– Platinum Emblem

– Platinum Pet Coin

– Legendary Pet Coin

– Exclusive Pet Coins

– Special Gift (Randomly Selected From Shop)

– Custom Birthday Card Or Gift

– Priority Customer Service