How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Manga

Where to Acquire the Series

The Emperor’s Child manga series is available at various Italian comic book stores and online outlets. Here are a few places to find the series:

  • Comics Kingdom Italia
  • Comics Acquista
  • Libreria Universitaria
  • Adriani & Rossi

Additional Resources

To gain a deeper understanding of the series, you can find supplemental materials at some of the following websites:

  • The Emperor’s Child Wiki – features a detailed list of characters, episode summaries, and more.
  • Official Website – contains interviews with the creator, summaries of each volume, and exclusive artwork.
  • Fan Forums – dedicated forums for fans to discuss the series and characters.

Additional Online Sources

If you are having trouble finding the series in Italy, use the following online sources:

  • Amazon Italy – buy the series and get it delivered to your doorstep.
  • Ebay Italy – purchase secondhand copies at discounted prices.
  • Comic Asylum – an online marketplace with a wide selection of comic books.


The Emperor’s Child manga is a popular series that can be found in comic book stores and online outlets in Italy. With some extra research, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the series with additional resources and online sources. bonne chance!

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What is the plot of the Emperor’s Child manga?

The Emperor’s Child is a manga series written by Shouko Fukaki. It follows a young prince named Yoshinobu, a direct descendant of the Japanese Emperor. After his mother’s death, Yoshinobu was sent to live with his father and step-mother, but his life there is far from perfect. He soon discovers that his newfound family hides a dark secret that could destroy the future of the empire. As the story progresses, Yoshinobu must find a way to save his home, while navigating the challenges of being an emperor’s child. Along the way, Yoshinobu makes friends, confronts enemies, and struggles to challenge tradition, all while learning more about the truth behind his family’s secret.
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What characters appear in the Emperor’s Child manga?

The main characters in the Emperor’s Child manga are:

Emperor Senka: The ruler of the kingdom and protagonist.

Prince Tenchi: The prince of the kingdom and son of Emperor Senka. Tenchi has sworn to protect his people and succeeds his father as emperor.

Princess Tsuki: The crown princess and Tenchi’s older sister.

Lunnansu : A mysterious man from a foreign kingdom whom Tenchi meets on his journey. He appears to have a special connection to Tenchi.

Prince Yuu: Tenchi’s younger brother, who is a formidable swordsman and the leader of the kingdom’s forces.

Aslan: The emperor’s advisor and wise man.

Amano: The enigmatic leader of a band of rebels who is highly skilled with a sword.
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He is a rival of Tenchi’s.

Tou’en: The loyal court magician and Tenchi’s teacher. Tou’en is also a secret investigator and adviser.
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He is in charge of the royal court’s policy-making and provides invaluable guidance to both Emperor Senka and Tenchi.
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What is the plot of the Emperor’s Child manga?

The Emperor’s Child is a fantasy manga written and illustrated by Mai Fukai. It follows a young girl, Juliette, who was adopted by the Emperor of a kingdom as his daughter. After years of being kept secret, she finally gets the chance to go to the capital and live as a real princess. But the capital is full of secrets, and soon Juliette finds herselft tangled up with a kingdom in the middle of an inter-dimentional struggle. With the help of her loyal guardian Erol and a mysterious talking cat, Juliette must find a way to save her kingdom while trying to discover who she really is. Will she be able to survive the dangerous trials ahead and become a true queen?

What characters appear in the Emperor’s Child manga?

The main characters in the Emperor’s Child manga are Yuu Morimoto, King Kakeru, Tsukiko Koyanagi, Masahide Morimoto, Tenko Haruki, Hijiri Asada, Kawaguchi Goro, Anastasia, and Kaa-san. There are also several minor characters who appear throughout the story such as Prince Sosei, Hisamatu, and Arashi.

What genre is the Emperor’s Child manga?

The Emperor’s Child manga is a supernatural fantasy adventure manga. It follows Juliette as she discovers the secrets of the kingdom and ultimately takes on the challenge of saving it. Along the way, she makes friends and enemies, learns new powers and discovers a lot about herself.